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The Mothership invitations you to be part of the family members

The Mothership invitations you to be part of the family members

Have you read about the skilled scooter planet there is close to? Either if you have or not read of it, we invite you to be portion of our group right here at Mothership. If you take into account yourself a scooter newbie who needs to have exciting with his/her buddies, then we will match your wants. Nevertheless, if you want to roll that further mile and grow to be a trick scooter expert, we have what it normally takes to make you element of the riders that go away a path in this sport.


A trick scooter is a enjoyable scooter


Do you want to do that insane 360 hop you observed on Youtube? Or probably to guide-experience your scooter about. Do you want you be like the Funk Brothers? Possibly you just want to be first and do your very own point but don't forget security goes 1st. You can have all the entertaining you want with your Mothership-purchased scooter and find out all the tricks you see, but you ought to dress in a helmet that we can also give. We want our riders, specialist or leisure, to roll secure right here at Mothership.


Even even though there are plastic scooters, professional scooters are inclined to be created of aluminum, and we´re a group of professionals listed here at Mothership. We have a huge assortment of the most famous scooter manufacturers in our store, from Aztec to Crisp to Death Lens. Even so, we know you often want to go beyond all makes and be original, that´s why you can build your own scooter here at Mothership. In addition, we carry you all those scooter areas that yours has damaged, from a handle to the wheels. Acquire the best manufacturers, develop a personalized scooter, be very pleased of rolling with Mothership, we are in a position to give all that you picture.


Our target


Our target is not to be the ideal or most high-priced or fanciest company, we go away that to the relaxation. We have been element of this awesome planet because 2006 and were capable to have our possess scooter shop in 2009, modest but regular increasing and receiving further and further in the scooter activity. That´s our total level: we want to stand out on the professional scooter rider´s minds, and we have appropriately managed that. A lot of of those who have become excellent professionals had been educated here, and some of them made a decision to stay right here with us.


We don´t look for trophies, we do this for the love of rolling. This is a great sport that has a excellent network of followers, ours often come to feel more like they are part of a family than in an business when they wander by means of Mothership.

Far more than a scooter retailer


As we explained prior to, we do what we do for enjoy, not awards nor cash, that´s why our goal depends on promoting scooter events or contests and supporting the two the fans and the pros that make this sport excellent. We will give you a distinctive encounter at Mothership.

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